Freelance Web Designer & Developer based in Galway, Ireland.
Highly experienced in designing & developing custom Wordpress websites.

Freelance Web Designer & Developer based in Galway.

Project: Bren Kelly Tattoo

For our latest project, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Bren Kelly, a talented tattoo artist hailing from the vibrant city of Galway, Ireland. Bren’s unique style and commitment to his craft inspired us to craft a digital presence that truly captured the essence of his work.

Client Overview: Bren Kelly is not just any tattoo artist; he’s a visionary whose artistry knows no bounds. Specializing in intricate designs and meaningful symbolism, Bren’s tattoos are more than just ink on skin; they’re personal stories etched into life’s canvas.

Our Approach: Working hand-in-hand with Bren, we embarked on a journey to bring his vision to life online. Our process involved meticulous planning, creative brainstorming, and attention to detail, ensuring every aspect of Bren’s brand was authentically represented.

Project Highlights:

  • Brand Identity: We crafted a brand identity that resonates with Bren’s artistic style and ethos, reflecting his passion for tattooing and dedication to his craft.
  • Portfolio Showcase: The website serves as a virtual gallery, showcasing Bren’s diverse portfolio of stunning tattoo designs. Each piece tells a story, inviting visitors to explore Bren’s artistic journey.
  • Booking Integration: Seamless booking functionality allows clients to schedule appointments with Bren directly through the website, making the process hassle-free and convenient.

Result: The culmination of our collaboration with Bren Kelly is a visually captivating website that not only showcases his exceptional talent but also serves as a gateway for clients to connect with his artistry. From initial concept to final execution, our partnership with Bren exemplifies the power of creativity and collaboration.

Emily Ridge