Freelance Web Designer & Developer based in Galway, Ireland.
Highly experienced in designing & developing custom Wordpress websites.

Freelance Web Designer & Developer based in Galway.

Logo Design — Creating Your Brand

The power of a good logo is amazing. It reflects a company’s personality, values and creativity through a combination of the best shapes, colours and font. Our goal is to design a professional yet creative logo that reflects your company’s spirit and leaves a lasting, memorable effect.

The logo design process starts with a little brainstorming, some rough sketches and finally the creation of digital logo design concepts. You know your company better than anyone, so we will present a variety of logo design concepts for you to review. Using your feedback, we will then revise your favourite logo concept so that the final logo will be a perfect representation of your company. Once finalised, all logo files and formats, including the brand guidelines and touch icons, will be supplied to you in one tidy package.


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