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Freelance Web Designer & Developer based in Galway.

Optimising images for websites

by Nicholas Grundy

Saving images correctly for your website is essential to ensure that the file sizes are low and that the filename has been optimised for best SEO practices.

  1. In Lightroom or Photoshop, batch export all images to be exported into the proper size (i.e. 900 x 600 pixels) AND saved for web at 72 dpi resolution.
  2. Upload maximum twenty images at a time to
  3. For each 20 image batch, wait for files to upload, then click through on each one to check if total file size has been reduced to approx. 100kb or less. If not, change quality on right-hand side to 75 or 80 and click on “apply” and wait for image to compress further and it will then generally be further reduced to be close to 100kb or less.
  4. Download all twenty images, click on clear queue and then do step 3 again for any more photos.
  5. Images are downloaded from optimizilla with -min added to end of filename. Therefore there is no real point in renaming the images for SEO until after you have done all these steps.
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